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CN Tower Golden Hour Reflection
CN Tower Golden Hour Reflection

CN Tower Golden Hour Reflection

Tian Qiu

16x20 (in)

32mm 100ISO f/8.0 1/125s

January 4th, 2019

I always loved reflection. In fact, my friend Noam was the first one to teach me about it. The trick is to get as close to the reflection object as possible. Reflections are not easy to capture due to three factors: 1. They require very awkward camera angle placements for the best composition. 2. It is difficult to focus what is in the reflection as the camera might focus on the reflection surface instead of what is being reflected. And lastly, 3. it takes time to spot the opportunities. There are a lot of reflective materials, with water and mirrors being the most popular ones to spot. However, they are many other materials that produce reflection, for example handle railings and reflective glasses.

I admire this photo I took very much as it creates an illusion for the viewer. When the image is first being revealed, it just looks like the CN tower is standing among the clouds. But as the image is closely examined, clouds are not clouds, buildings are upside down. The whole image is vertically inverted.